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Step One

Sign-up Now & Enjoy the Benefits

The first step is to sign up to our platform using our easy and quick to use registration form. You can get in your dashboard in under a minute!

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Step Two

Create Your Application

Create Your Application

With our two step wizard, applying for an application is a breeze. Your application automatically defaults to a sandbox environment, allowing you to test things before applying for live status.

Step Three

Integrate With our API

Navigate to the Integrations tab and find all the information you'll need to literally cut and paste within your website/app. Start testing NOW!

Intergrate with InstaPay Uganda

Step Four

Go live. Make Sales

Apply for Live Status & Begin accepting e-Payments

And that was it! Relax and watch as your products reach millions of mobile users all over the world! Watch your sales from the dashboard and get realtime analytics of all transactions.